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Old Cork Float Necklace 2

This necklace is made from an old "Spanish", or "Cork Gill Net Float", used by fishermen on the BC Coast. These ones are specifically from Sointula, B.C. Research says it's likely they came from around Portugal about 75 years ago and were made from real cork trees. I love em' for some weird reason, but I'm not alone in that, so I'm always trying to think of what I can do with them. I've been using them in my driftwood hangings for awhile, but wanted to expand.

This is a new product for me. I have to slice the cork numerous ways to find the pieces that work. This one I melted and buffed pure bee's wax into to protect the surface. It has a Swarovski crystal and lighter weight sterling wire; a sturdy but more delicate style piece than the others. 

See sizing in picture with tape measure - both cm and inches. The cord is waxed cotton and I've tied a sliding adjustable knot on it. You can switch it over to a chain if preferred.

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