Ocean Suncatcher The Best One Ever

This is the most incredible sun catcher I have made with the largest Swarovski Sea Star available (2 inches / 5 cm across)  Why?... because I love them and learned that Swarovski is changing their business and these will no longer be available.... and I could only get 6 more... at almost double the cost. C'est La Vie. I will find something else I'm sure but I was inspired to make this... with so many rare pieces and red ones... The photos speak for themselves. 

I love these, hanging in my own window or to give as a gift. Full of light and colour and the beach.  I collect and hand drill the components: Sea Glass, Driftwood, Rocks and Shell and only use Sterling Silver and other Swarovski Crystals to bring it together. They are put together on a nylon coasted stainless cable for a quality piece that you can feel confident hanging.

This original piece even includes 4 pieces of super rare RED and 10 other vibrant and rare/ uncommon coloured sea glass, rocks from Malcolm Island where I live and shells from winter collecting out at Bere Point. While I collect some driftwood here, especially larger pieces, I go over to the West Coast of Vancouver Island where the open ocean waves batter the logs until only the strong survive... and the constant waves sand them smooth. The piece here had that done at one of my favourite beaches near Port Renfrew.

Overall it is 40 cm or 16 inches long.  Almost double the size of any I've previously made.

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