Huge Driftwood Cork Float 3

This one is HUGE 34 inches ocean treasures including rare bigger aqua sea glass and a super rare opaque piece. Including the string it is 4 feet long. It was so long in the picture that I added a blown up section of the top part sto the picture o there wasn't so much empty space. Its the largest on in my collection currently. 

This one of a kind driftwood hanging features an antique cork fish float, sea glass, shells, rocks and driftwood. It is strung on a commercial fishing seine twine so will hold together and not degrade in the sun. The small silver beads are hand bent aluminum so will not rust if you choose to hang it outside.

These are limited production pieces as these corks are no longer made or used and are very hard to come by. I love that these pieces not only celebrate the ocean but give a nod to the rich fishing history on the coast.

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