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Driftwood Wand 6 "Courage, Strength, Resolve"

"Courage, Strength, Resolve" Driftwood Wand.

I make these with driftwood collected on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. A little tricky sometimes to drill down the end but I do this to insert and adhere the hand bent aluminum wire "sea" star. 

Please see the picture and know that these are not toys for children. They can be hung on the wall or used with caution but they are intentional pieces to remind the person of their infinite potential to create magic in their own life. 

It comes with a 4 x 4 inch card  that reads:

"There is something more magical about a wand than any fairy tell may fail to tell you. It is the intention that you have when you hold it. It is the knowledge you possess that you truly are capable of creating magic in your life... to make your wishes and dreams come true. You are amazing, smart and capable... my greatest wish for you is that you remember that always... that is the magic.

Follow your dreams, follow your heart and send aloud your wishes into the wind with the courage to grant them true."

The driftwood on this piece is a bit shorter at11 1/2 inches long with 3 inch circumference.



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