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The Wild Lil' Gift Shop Sointula, British Columbia

Earth Tone Sea Glass Stack Pendant

Honey Golden, Uncommon Green and Amber Sea glass make this piece a kelp forest lovers dream. You could call them all earth tones (like I apparently did in the title) but if you spent time below in the kelp forests of the ocean or walking the seaweed laden tidelines the colours belong there just as much.. and hey we are beach lovers.

I make the pendants on a single piece of Sterling wire with a loop on the top that can accommodate most average size chains if you wish to switch it out.  It will come on an adjustable sliding knot cotton cord.

All the sea glass I use is just how I found it (except for drilling a small hole). You can't make genuine sea glass in a machine as it takes years and years to be smoothed by the wind, waves and sand, also the surface forms a unique and layered frosted surface that captures the light with so much more texture.

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