Nootka Beach Stone Bracelet 5

These are the stones from Yuquot (Friendly Cove) on Nootka Island. I SO want to go there... but was still lucky enough to get them from a cousin that worked in the engine room on the UChuck . It has a cool history and might be worth  checking out.

The challenge is drilling the tiny holes in the centre... it takes a lot of time and wrecks the diamond drill bits more than anything but I love them and it's worth it.  These little stones have only been polished by the sea. I never tumble them. (It would change their energy)... and they are gorgeous, smooth and shiny just as they are.

This bracelet has a total of 16 stones. See photo for size measurements. 

There is a piece of chain on the end of the bracelet which allows easy an inch of sizing leeway.


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