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The Wild Lil' Gift Shop Sointula, British Columbia

Vintage Cedar Float and Driftwood Trees

I absolutely love being able to use vintage fishing products in my creations. The base of these driftwood trees are made with the old cedar lathe turned corks used in the gill net fishery around the 1940's and 50's. For a brief time they were produced commercially in Astoria Oregon which is also an original Finnish settlement like Sointula. I use a single piece of Aluminum tig rod to create the sea star shape and run it through the driftwood and then screwed to the bottom. The average height is between 12-14 inches. They are sold individually. 

As I work on my webstore I will post more individual pictures of each tree. In the meantime if you want to choose specifically your tree send me a message and I can give you options. 


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