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Vintage Cedar Float Necklace 3

Cedar trees are amazing. They certainly shaped how cultures evolved and people lived on the coast because of how useful they were. In the 40's and 50's, or even longer ago, fishermen here used them to float their nets. They were turned on lathes into the desired conical shape. One of the downfalls was that they would become a bit waterlogged after time and lose some of the buoyancy, so they had to be coated yearly to help maintain a waterproof barrier. There is a display in the Sointula museum on how this was done.

So anyway... being the old fishing gear lover that I am, I figured there were things I could make to celebrate and remind us of that time. I started cutting them in half and using them on the driftwood trees as bases. Then, near the end of October, I began slicing them and making ornaments... and now I am working on some jewellery.

I burned "Sointula" into the sides of this and, after lots of sanding on the old growth cedar, I melted pure bee's wax and buffed it into the wood.

The cord is waxed cotton and I've tied a sliding adjustable knot on it. You can switch it over to a chain if preferred.

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