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          Be Resilient

Hi there... I hope you are having a fabulous day. It's a crazy time for sure. Maintaining a positive outlook and getting motivated somedays is a success in itself. Congratulations if you're managing to do this. 

Transitioning my business into almost exclusively on-line has become a make it or break it situation. Eeeeeek! I plan to make it though... by doing what it takes. In one way or another I have been making and selling for the past 15 years while raising my daughter. I'll adapt and figure it out because creating is like breathing for me, it's just necessary. Honestly, the silver lining is I am ready for this change that I haven't quite had time for before.

I was always running from one market or show to another and making stuff at all hours of the night. At one point I even moved to the mainland for my daughter to play high level soccer and was up at 4 am many days to take a ferry back to the island for work or sleep the night in my van. It's been quite exhausting so I have my big girl panties hiked up as far as is comfortable and here I go envisioning a better future. Yay me... I also find during this time it can't hurt to toot your own horn once in awhile, especially if there isn't anyone else around to do it for you. 

Right now I am working on my website. I ditched the old format and am starting from scratch. I bought a better platform on Shopify and subscribed to a year of on-line classes at Skillshare. However, somedays this illustration pretty much sums it up for me, which I will be turning into a t-shirt in the near future. 

I hope you are finding your resilience and are creating a new and confident way forward in whatever way floats your boat.