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The Wild Lil' Gift Shop Sointula, British Columbia

Hi there... I hope you are having a fabulous day. It's a crazy time for sure. Maintaining a positive outlook and getting out of bed on days is a success in itself.

For me transitioning my business into almost exclusively on-line has become a make it or break it necessity.  I plan to make it doing what it takes.  In one way or another I have been making and selling for the past 15 years while raising my daughter along the way. I adapt and figure it out because creating what I create is definitely what I love to do. I also see this as an opportunity to be more creative and share the coast in ways I haven't quite had time for before.  I was always running from one market or show to another and making stuff at all hours of the night. At one point I had even move to the mainland for my daughter to play high level soccer and was up at 4 am many days to take a ferry back to the island for work or sleep the night in my van. Honestly it's been quite exhausting so I have my big girl panties hiked up as far as is comfortable and here I go envisioning a better future.

Right now I am working on my website. I ditched the old format and am starting from scratch. I bought a better platform on Shopify and subscribed to a year of on-line classes at Skillshare.  However somedays this pretty much sums it up for me..... which I will be turning into a t-shirt in the near future.