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The Creator Person

Hi, it's me Anissa.... for the most part there is no "about us" here. I've been mostly solo creating and running my business in my own quirky way since my daughter was a toddler, and now she is old enough to run down to the beer and wine store and pick me up a bottle... so it's been awhile. A lot of what I do and create is random; it just pops into my head. What remains the same with my art is my love for the coast, the ocean, the beaches, the critters and the wildness of it all. I am especially fascinated by how nature shapes things, and the history of fishing. My great grandpa came here from Newfoundland in 1903. I have many of his old coastal pilot books and even two of his captain's tickets.  

My love of sharing what I know and how I see things was also greatly inspired by my years of being a dive guide on the coast, both above and below the surface. Seeing the smiles on the faces of people as they experienced this place brought a gratifying sense of pride and whole lot of happiness to me.

My perfect intention with my pieces and designs is to celebrate and remind people of the coast, to inspire conversation, to evoke feelings of peace and calmness that are so easily found by the sea. If something I make can take people out of any state of stress for just a minute I will throw on my super hero cape and take what I can get. I also have a slightly twisted sense of humour and have decided that I am just going to do me. I like to laugh and hey, what's more awesome than being true to your authentic self? It totally saves on editors for one thing :)