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This I know for sure - I love the ocean and will create in celebration of it for the rest of my life, sharing what I know and how I see things with others, and bringing awareness to what matters on the coast.

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Alexandra Morton and Jackie Hildering

Women Who Do And Make Amazing Things

I appreciate you coming to my page more than you probably know. It's a challenging time and continuing my business means learning ways to do a lot of new things. For the most part it's just me creating the product and running the website. If you like what I have to offer please help spread the word. But either way, supporting small business makes you a local hero!

Connecting with me.

At times due to my remote locations I will not have cell coverage and therefore no access to mail or phone. I will get back to you asap or may have my daughter Freyja step in at times (that's her above 15 years ago earning her keep). Feel free to include your phone number in the email if you would prefer a text or phone call from me. ~ Anissa

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