Sea Glass Jewellery

The sea glass used in my jewellery is the real deal.. only shaped by the wind and sand and sea. It takes years of rolling waves to round out the edges and years for the frosting to form. This is because it is actually a leaching process where some of the original components of the glass get pulled out and leave a complex convoluted sand crystal surface. This surface becomes by definition "a gem" because of the time it takes. What I love is it allows the sea glass to absorb/reflect light in a unique way. I've always valued authenticity... plus there is the romantic part where you wonder what something may have been before it came to be this shining little gem on the beach... and if you are even more romantic you may want to call them Mermaid Tears.

Anyway, I collect the glass with my daughter and sometimes friends. I only use Sterling Silver or clear Swarovski crystals in my work. I find silver or clear only accentuate the real colour of the glass and keep the focus on that which is my intention. To bring you back to the beach.

If you have some pieces that you have found and would like something made please conact me and I'll let you know what the options are.


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