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Authentic Cedar Salmon Cork Ornament

Living in an old fishing village has it's advantages. If you come to Sointula, check out the museum's display on the old lathe turned cedar cork floats. I got mine from friends. I've been cutting them in half and using them as the base on my driftwood trees, but recently this idea popped into my head and I love it. Cutting them into discs is a little tricky, but I'll find a better system soon. I free hand burn in designs. They are drilled on top and tied with the salvage cut from old gill nets that local women still use to hook into rugs. 

Anyway... these are all one of a kind. If you want a customization, message me and we can figure it out for you. Pricing comes down to the time put into burned/painted design.

On average they measure 3 1/2 to 4 inches across depending on where in the float they were cut. This one is slightly smaller.

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