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Burned and Painted Driftwood Signs 10

One of my favourite and chill things to make... I love the smell of burning driftwood.. and that's how I write and design on these  West Coast beauties with my Razortip wood burner and then add a touch of paint. I never plan it out so for me that's part of the fun. Each piece of driftwood with it's curves and bumps guides the outcome. 

I always feel relaxed when I do this and I think for the most part the messages reflect that. (OK well not all.. sometimes there's a cheeky one in there) If you want a customized piece with a name just send me a message. I'll show you what driftwood options I have and give you a quote. 

My measuring stick for this collection is my hand.. not tiny lady hands or big manly hands... just average. If you need a more precise measurement you're gonna have to ask me for it... but I think this will give you the basic idea. 


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