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Sea Glass Stacked Pendant - Rich Cobalt Blues

Handmade on Malcolm Island, BC by Anissa Reed with authentic west coast sea glass. Each piece is unique. 

Cobalt coloured sea glass is somewhere in the middle regarding rarity… however, it is rare to find smooth pieces this large… because of it’s components, it tends to more often break into smaller pieces before the ocean molds it into jewellery quality beach treasures. 

This pendant is made with Sterling silver, and has a loop on the top that can accommodate most average size chains if you wish to switch it out. It will come on an adjustable sliding knot cotton cord.

Any small crystals are Swarovski’s.

All the sea glass I use is just how I found it (except for drilling a small hole). You can't make genuine sea glass in a machine as it takes years and years to be smoothed by the wind, waves and sand. The ocean creates a unique and layered frosted surface on the glass that captures the light with so much more texture.

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